Strava Coffee - Strava Coffee K-Cups

Craft roasted, Organic Hemp Infused CBD Coffee for a Keurig.

Quantity: 5

For the coffee lovers out there that want CBD in their coffee: we have the product for you!  

We really like our coffee, so we did not want to find a supplier for CBD infused coffee that offers a bunch of other products but "has CBD coffee too."  We wanted a supplier that focuses on making exceptional coffee, because, you know, coffee.  ;)  

That is what we have with Strava, and we hope that you enjoy this coffee as much as we do.

This coffee is in a K-Cup so it is easy to enjoy using your Keurig!  Enjoy a fully flavored CBD Coffee without the work!  Each K-Cup contains 10mg of CBD, and there are four K-Cups per package.


  • 10mg of CBD per cup
  • Four K-Cups per package
  • K-cups work in any Keurig
  • Available in Dark and Medium roast
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